Our Services

Security Patrols

The HOA has contracted with a reputable security company to conduct two patrols a day throughout the neighborhood. These patrols are staggered to be done at various times throughout the day and the night. We have also asked that if they see a garage door that has been accidentally left open at the wrong time that they notify the home-owner. While the patrols we certainly hope help, in no way can they replace old fashion neighborhood vigilance. The old adage certainly applies, “if you see something, say something”!

Landscape Lighting

In keeping our common areas and entrances to the neighborhood as beautiful as possible, the HOA has installed and will maintain landscape lighting to these areas. During the Christmas holiday season we also have the entrances lighted with seasonal decorations as well. Just something else that sets our neighborhood apart.

Taxes, Utilities, & Legal Fees

Part of the costs of your HOA are maintaining the play ground area on 120th and Deer Creek, the park and gazebo area at 126th St and Read St as well as all of the neighborhood entrance areas. We have contracted with the owners of the Players Club for landscaping work such as mowing, plantings and the rest. In 2018 the HOA contracted out tree work to a licensed arborist to prune, trim and fertilize as needed the trees in all of the common areas as directed by the arborist. We also maintain the sprinkler systems in all of our areas as well as pay the costs necessary for both electrical and water for the various areas. We do have some legal fees as required for the area as well as costs in protecting the covenants.


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