Board Policies

Christmas Light Policy:

It is the policy of the Deer Creek HOA that annual Christmas lights shall not be turned on until Thanksgiving and that lights shall be turned off by January 25th and all Christmas lighting removed from exteriors by February 25th (weather permitting).

Flag Policies:

The display of a flag, or the location and construction of the supporting flagpole, shall comply with applicable zoning ordinances, easements, and setbacks of record.

A displayed flag, and the flagpole on which it is flown, shall be maintained in good condition at all times. Any flag that is deteriorated must be replaced or removed. Any flagpole that is structurally unsafe or deteriorated shall be repaired, replaced, or removed.

Only one flagpole will be allowed per Lot. A freestanding flagpole may not exceed 20 feet in height. Any freestanding flagpole must be located in either the front yard or backyard of a Lot, and there must be a distance of at least 6 feet between the flagpole, the property line and the edge of the public sidewalk closest to the flagpole.

Any flag flown or displayed on any flagpole may be no smaller than 3’x5′ and no larger than 4’x6′.

Any freestanding flagpole must be equipped to minimize halyard noise. The preferred method is through the use of an internal halyard system. Alternatively, swivel snap hooks must be covered or “Quiet Halyard” Flag snaps installed. Neighbor complaints of noisy halyards are a basis to have flagpole removed until Owner resolves the noise complaint.

The illumination of a flag is allowed so long as it does not create a disturbance to other residents in the community. Solar powered, pole mounted light fixtures are preferred as opposed to ground mounted light fixtures. Compliance with all municipal requirements for electrical ground mounted installations must be certified by Owner. Flag illumination may not shine into another dwelling. Neighbor complaints deemed valid by the prevailing committee, regarding flag illumination are a basis to prohibit further illumination until Owner resolves complaint.

All freestanding flagpole installations must receive prior written approval from the ARC Committee.


Basketball Hoop Policy:

Any installation of a basketball hoop must be at least 25 feet from the curb of the street as well as having permission of the neighbor(s) closest to the hoop. This agreement/permission letter should be added to the request form for the install provided by the Deer Creek Architecture Review Committee.

Covenant Violation Policy

When a covenant violation is reported, the Architectural Review Committee will verify that a violation has occurred. Upon visual verification, a certified letter will be sent to the homeowner, stating the covenant infraction, date, and time the violation was witnessed by the Architectural Committee. The letter will request that within two weeks the violation be corrected or that the Board of Directors be contacted to discuss resolution. No fine will be imposed with this first notice. If the violation is not remedied in 2 weeks (or within a designated time coordinated with the Board) the Board will send out a second certified letter stating the violation. No fine will be imposed with this second notice. Two weeks following, a third certified letter will be sent to the homeowner from the Board with a $200.00 fine imposed. After two more weeks, a fourth notice will be sent by certified letter to the homeowner with a $500.00 fine imposed in addition to the $200.00 fine. With the fourth notice a lien will be filed against the property. Additional $500.00 fines will accumulate every two weeks until a cap of $5000.00 is reached (not including accused interest). All of these accumulated charges will carry a 15% annual interest rate charge until the violation is corrected.


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